Christopher L. Dennie, PC Attorney & Counselor at Law
Christopher L. Dennie, PCAttorney & Counselor at Law

Regional Consultant for Southwest Michigan

Chris has been named one of six regional consultants for the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission.


The commission was created as a result of efforts to improve legal representation for indigent criminal defendants. In October 2011, Governor Snyder issued Executive Order 2011-12, establishing the initial Indigent Defense Advisory Commission, which was responsible for recommending improvements to the state’s legal system. These recommendations served as the basis for legislation to address this need and called for the 15-member Indigent Defense Commission that the governor signed into law in July 2013. Please see the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission Act for more information.

The Regional Consultants will reach out to stakeholders in the criminal justice community to discuss the standards that have been submitted to the Michigan Supreme Court, upcoming standards, and to work with the local providers on compliance plans to improve indigent defense.


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